The One – Employees with Disabilities

Our Challenged Employee Policy

THE One actively searches out physically and mentally disabled individuals who may be suitable candidates for employment, and is aiming for 5% of our total staff complement to consist of employees with disabilities.

While we contact and brief all relevant institutes in the countries where we have stores in a bid to find these individuals, we frequently face incredible difficulty, as challenged people are often seen as unable to function in, or contribute meaningfully to, a ‘normal’ working environment. We aim to continue to fight this misconception as we believe and have seen that these individuals have a tremendous amount to offer and add a whole new dimension to the working environment, inspiring our staff and customers alike. Employing those with challenges can only foster better understanding among the unchallenged and encourage greater social integration, while providing the Challenged Employee with a sense of purpose, empowerment and independence, not to mention an income.

We have seen that our disabled employees have a truly positive influence on their co-workers, making them realise that nothing is impossible or too difficult to accomplish. In addition we have noticed that both staff and customers dealing with our these employees, somehow become ‘nicer’ human beings, as they feel they are doing something good.
The amazing thing is that they are not only ‘nicer’ to the individuals in question, but also to each other, becoming more careful in their actions as well as with what they say and how they say it. They become more sensitive and compassionate towards each other and more accepting of people as they are. It’s about the feel-good factor and all parties have everything to gain!