THE ONE reaches out

THE One Qatar team recently repeated their 2014 initiative of reaching out to their community
during Ramadan, by distributing food packages from their local warehouse to labourers from
nearby accommodations at Iftar time.

In the Ramadan spirit of generosity, every single staff member of THE One Qatar donated one
full day of their salary towards this initiative. Together with THE One’s Qatar Restaurant, they
(THE Responsible Ones) also volunteered their time by planning, buying and putting together
1,500 food packages, containing juices, cakes, fruit, pizzas and sandwiches.

“Thousands gathered to break their fast with us. Men from all different nationalities, young and
old flooded through our gates to receive their Iftar packages. Many asked us why we were
doing this? The answer is simple: because THE One Cares” said Gaby Salomé, general
Manager of THE One Qatar.

Gratitude was evident in the happy faces leaving THE One’s gates and the Qatar team is
looking forward to next year. As THE One’s saying goes: “Why be a human being, when you
can be a human doing good?”