//Vogue, 1953 | Photo by Milton Greene//
//Mary Jane Russell in Chinese silk pajamas, Vogue 1953//
//Ray K. Metzker: Chicago, 1958//
//December Vogue 1950//
//Richard Rutledge for Vogue 1957//
//Summertime 1950s, office chic//
//"Laying out" 1950's//
//Nat Faberman, Seattle 1956//
//New Years party 1956, by Alfred Eisenstaedt//
//August Vogue 1949 by John Rawlings//
//Jean Patchett, February Vogue 1949 Photo Irving Penn//
//John Rawlings for Vogue, November 1951//
//"Le Chien Qui Fume" by FRANK HORVAT, Paris, 1957//
Vogue Nov 1954 Cecil Beaton
cecil beaton
Fiona Campbell-Walter by Cecil Beaton, 1954
Vogue - November 1954 - Photo by Cecil Beaton
Marilyn Monroe
Marilyn Monroe
Marilyn Monroe
Nancy Berg, Vogue 1953
Two piece wool set | August Vogue 1958
Vogue Nov 1954
Joanna McCormick in the Virgin Islands, photo by Richard Rutledge, American Vogue Jan. 1957
and Paris.
Beautiful 1950's Vintage Party Dress $98
effortless...swim dress, early 1950s, by tom palumbo
1950s atomic ball clock by Frederic Weinberg.
Italy | 1950s streamline baby stroller
Popular Swedish fabric designs of the 1950s.
1950's House Wife Of The New Generation
My new swimsuit: 1950s deadstock Jantzen
1950's French Display Case
1950s leather copenhagen chair.
1950's Retro Fridge in Yella
stunning 1950s party dress
1950's red cocktail dress
Photo by Tom Palumbo 1950's
Norwegian 1950s chair: via Twin Set
1950's buffet with wing handles
1950's ranch style
1950's at the beach
Balenciaga (1950s)